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DTU and Kerstin

The Technical University of Denmark is represented in the FluZooMark project by Kerstin Skovgaard, who is senior researcher at DTU Bioengineering.

Kerstin has more than 17 years of experience in pig immunology and immune responses to respiratory infections, and has developed a comprehensive immune toolbox for the study of pig transcripts and proteins isolated from respiratory tissue, nasal explants and circulating immune cells. She has profound experience in teaching, supervision and management, and has participated in several research projects, including two recent HORIZON 2020 projects with focus on swine. She is internationally recognized for translational research using swine as large animal models for studying influenza virus infection, bone inflammation and regeneration, necrotizing enterocolitis, traumatic lesions and S. aureus sepsis. Additionally, she has investigated the influence of co-morbidities like metablic syndrome and low-grade inflammation on influenza virus infection and vaccination.

Kerstin and her group will contribute to the FluZooMark project with unique expertise in swine immunology, microfluidic high-throughput qPCR, cutting-edge instrumentation for mass spectrometry and pipelines for data mining. In WP2, in particular, Kerstin’s group will be responsible for the proteomic and degradomic analysis of the respiratory tract.

DTU Bioengineering is an important contributor to human health. Based on fundamental and technological understanding of biological and molecular systems, the mission of DTU Bioengineering is to provide research, innovation and education within biotechnology and biomedicine, in order to understand the boundary between health and disease. The FluZooMark project fits well into this stratefy, why DTU Bioengineering will support the project by providing resources, access to necessary infrastructure and by hosting Kerstin’s research group.

Members from the Technical University of Denmark
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Chrysillis Polhaus PhD E-mail
Helena Aagaard Glud PhD E-mail
Karin Tarp Lab Technician E-mail
Kerstin Skovgaard Principal investigator, Senior Researcher E-mail
Louise Brogaard Postdoc E-mail